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To make a reservation .Click Here  Fill in the information and send the email.

Camping Site Plan Click Here to see the site plan should you want to request a preferred camp site.

*NB This will open the site plan in a new Tab next to this page.

For Long-Weekends and School Holidays Camping Minimum of 2 Nights

To see information on camping Click Here

To see our Site Plan Click Here

Day Visitors  - Groups:

We would like groups that would like to visit Wonderland for a day visit, to make a booking in advance. You are welcome to have childrens parties, family gatherings, etc. at Wonderland, enjoying the fresh air and fishing. The normal rules will still apply as for all visitors, and we ask that you will consider the other visitors aswell. This gives us the opportunity to reserve a stand or stands

Entrance Fee/Tariff:

Day Visitors do not have too book.

Campers have too book and pay in advance.

Per person per day:

Adult                             R 120.00

High School Pupil        R 60.00

Primary School Pupil  R 30.00

Pre-primary                  Free